KPIC provides emergency and urgent repair services, planned maintenance and short duration construction & installation. Our people pride themselves on provision of quality, service, and safety awareness – appreciating each clients’ need for timely cost-effective repairs and creative solutions.







About Us

KPIC Maintenance Services Inc. is a member of The FWS Group of Companies. The firm’s founders, Kevin Perrin and Ian Cunningham, commenced operations over six years ago, rapidly developing the firm into one of the best maintenance service providers in Manitoba.

KPIC promotes a “customer focused” business model that has driven their growth and success. We are committed to maintaining the efficient value-oriented focus that has so successfully delivered client satisfaction. Our skilled tradesmen and supervisors populate the mobile crews operating across an expanding territory, with the strength of our personnel driving the customer experience. KPIC’s newfound ability to access FWS operations personnel and their years of project development and construction execution experience, positions KPIC to provide unparalleled service to its customer base.

Our shared objective is to efficiently and cost effectively keep clients’ assets up and running, thereby helping them to achieve their business goals!


KPIC’s expanding forces provide clients with singular accountability when it comes to long-term service requirements. Our services can be categorized within the following headings

Emergency Service

24/7 emergency response/repair services

On-site availability within 4 hours, provided site is located within 3 hours of closest service team

Minimizes downtime when a facility is no longer operable as a function of equipment breakdown


Repair services and unscheduled maintenance required to avoid escalation to emergency status

Attendance on site within 24 hours to assess situation and commence immediate repairs

Recognizes where facility operations are not completely shut down, but adversely impacted by conditions

Standard Service

Regular scheduled preventative maintenance performed by KPIC personnel

Avoids costly breakdowns and business interruption, minimize downtime and ensures optimal
 facility operating conditions

Scheduled within 2 weeks of receipt of order, equipment/material availability permitting

Short Duration Projects

Small short-duration capex work as required and requested by clients

Performed in concert with regularly scheduled maintenance work, or when specifically scheduled

Depending on complexity, design/engineering requirements and equipment/machinery availability,
 work can be performed within weeks/months from date requested

Value Proposition

As a leading Canadian integrated design-builder, FWS long-recognized the difference between “large capex” project deliverables and the unique requirements associated with maintenance services. Often asked by national clients to provide maintenance services, it was recognized that the large project model did not effectively support the provision of such services and FWS was regrettably forced to decline such opportunities.

The need for another strong service provider in an expanding market was self-evident and KPIC is just that! By collaborating on some shut-down turn-around opportunities, the strength of the KPIC model was witnessed. The combination of quality, efficiency and simplicity is inherent in KPIC deliverables, providing exceptional value and minimizing client costs.

KPIC’s independent operation and growth objectives brings increased competition to the maintenance services sector. Operations that were previously limited to a local territory, are now available across a much larger and expanding territory. More clients, and a much larger share of existing client facilities, can now be served.

“Turnkey Services” that originate at project inception, continue through project development, execution, commissioning and throughout the service life of an industrial facility, are also readily available to those who are interested.


Manitoba and Saskatchewan

Kevin Perrin

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Ian Cunningham

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Derek Good

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Harold Johnson

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Additional Inquiries

Kirsten Carson

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